What’s your relationship with your body?  While the truest part of me knows I’m a fit guy, a critical voice within is NEVER satisfied and focuses on my shortcomings and ways I “should” be better.  With that admission, let me shout: my body is MAGICAL!  YOUR body is magical!  While I’m in the process of fully trusting this, I’m 1000% convinced it’s True.

The way our bodies change, morph, and adapt through stages of life, seasons, pregnancies, injuries, illnesses, stresses, and celebrations is nothing short of spectacular!  OUR PHYSICAL SELVES ARE WORKS OF ART.  Wherever we’re at in our embodied journeys of health and wellness, the most marvelous thing we can do is start with a sense of WOW, a feeling of YES, and a choice of LOVE for what is when it comes to our beautiful bodies!

Let’s start a revolution of radical contentment (Santosha in yoga) for our beautiful bodies exactly as they are; singing WOW, YES, and LOVE at the top of our lungs!  Who’s with me?

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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,