The more we love, the more we thrive. One of my favorite parts of our home is our large guest room. Family and friends are, literally, always welcome to enjoy its king-sized bed—while sharing our food and drink. Out of 3.5 years here, I estimate guests have stayed with us for 6+ months … and we’d love to up that.

While they often express gratitude for our generosity and hospitality, Lisa and I feel equally blessed—if not more! Why? People are created to love, so when we give this gift, we are “warmed” from the inside out.

Dave Matthews Band’s Fire Dancer, a symbol of celebrating life with joy and delight.

A Blissology yoga training course I’m mentoring for is Conduit for Love. For several weeks, we learn and talk about how humans are born for love to flow through them—much like how copper is a great transmitter for electricity. As a devotee and student of this, most powerful force in the world, this is my current definition for love:

Love is a delight in both the uniqueness and relatedness of others, which manifests an energy of giving that facilitates mutual flourishing.

In other words, love simultaneously sees people deeply, celebrates them joyously, and lifts them up. One of the things I love about Dave Matthews (pictured at a concert) is the way he applauds and spotlights his opening acts and band members. In “Granny,” he sings of the joy of seeing a friend and the hope they’re doing well, as love keeps us all dancing through life. As one human family, Dave goes on: “we’re leaning heavy on each other,” because love is “hidin’ deep inside us all,” behind all our looks of troubles and joys. 

I’m sporting a Conduit for Love t-shirt, in my pic. It symbolizes how love is both an energy all around/within us, and is fierce—love breaks our hearts wide open, and fills us with passionate care, kindness, and compassion for others. Key to letting love more easily flow through us, is to let our tense, clenched, and stressed thoughts, emotions, and bodies ease and release—whether it’s through yoga, long walks, time in nature, running, or whatever else “unblocks” you.

Love truly makes everything better. So, may we love fearlessly, fiercely, and fabulously!

Hugs & Love,


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