Imagine going on a dream vacation to Germany at Christmas time. While, also pushing quite, quite hard to get work and life in good order beforehand. Only to have your 2 to 3-hour layover in London on the way, turn into 3 nights in London! And to top matters off, we spent ~12 hours either in line, on the phone, or on the internet trying to get a new flight. I could easily share paragraphs with you about the details of the stress, struggle, and sleeplessness we endured—not to mention the tears, anger, and frustration. And I certainly have shared all that, we all need to. Yet, why should we stay in that space?

All things said, it was one of the best vacations ever. Why? Because: When we change our perspective, we change our life.

I’ve been writing a book for my doctoral program, and one of the chapters is titled: “Big + Humble Perspective, Big Life,” because both my research and experience finds this to be true. YES, there was a bunch of suck on our trip. And isn’t that a literal part of life? What is more, there were also SO many blessings and gifts on our trip. And isn’t that a literal part of life, too?

Because of the delay, Lisa and I got to experience London with the palace, guard, and all that jazz for our first time. With snow! And I won’t even go into how absolutely magical our time in Germany was. OH, MY WORD, it was transcendental!

As truly glorious as all that was—and that alone would have made the trip awesome—the best part was the people.

We traveled with our dear friends Sean and Gina. And had such a delightful time talking, playing games, and just chilling with them while “trapped” in London. AND, we got to stay with and spend some glorious time, in Heidelberg, with the lights that are our friends Cheryl and Paul. And it gets even better!

One of the days we were “stuck” in London was my birthday. On that special day, Lisa and I took our first trip into central London. The perfectly snow-covered city, with Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square was a total delight for both of us. But it wasn’t the best part. My cousin, Lykara, met and married an Englishman while studying abroad years ago. Meaning, on my birthday, I got to spend the day with one of my favorite people, who I hardly ever get to see; because, Lykara took the time to travel down to see us in London. It was one of my favorite days ever.

Our perspectives shape our experiences. And, do you want to know a secret? You get to choose your perspective! So, let’s make them life-giving, uplifting, and loving!

Hugs & Love,


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