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Falling into Love: The Transformative Power of Community

Lang Charters was living the American Dream until a surreal accident on a family hike stole not only that, but nearly his life. Yet, plummeting off a cliff taught him the richest life isn’t about ascending and achieving, but falling into the love of God and others.

In Falling into Love, he narrates an inspiring story about his accident, recovery, and rehabilitation. He tells about people coming together when life falls apart, love transcending distance, hope in the midst of despair, beauty blossoming from hurt, and God’s unending affection for us shining through in gloriously simple, regular, weird, and awesome ways.

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Falling to the bottom of bottoms is what has brought me to the highest of highs. After a miscarriage and divorce from my first wife, my world and perspective were rocked. Yet, after a couple of years of reflecting, learning, and growing, life was looking up. Not only was my career as an air force officer thriving, I’d become engaged to a lovely lady. Then, in a surreal moviesque turn of events, while hiking with my 3-year-old daughter, fiancée, and her son, I slipped, slid, and plummeted 30-feet off a cliff headfirst onto a boulder. I should have died. Read more…

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