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In Falling into Love I share how a surreal hiking accident that should have killed me, ended up bringing my friends, family, the Divine, and I closer together than ever before! At the end of each chapter, you’ll find my reflections on beliefs and practices that have significantly shifted my life toward aMAZing. Aside from “working” with me via this self-published memoir, you can join me for yoga. You can find my online and in-person schedule below! I’m also happy to set up online or in-person private/group classes if you’re interested (just email me at Finally, you can tell from the trauma/loss I experienced in my book I’ve gone through some serious “life”, after which I got a degree in pastoring and am currently getting a doctorate to become a life coach, so I’d also love to work with you in that manner. You can see some testimonials from people I’ve worked with below.

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“Your teaching has been extremely therapeutic for me. Others are even noticing my positive mood and attitude increasing!!! So awesome!!”

Sarah Chamberlin

“Practicing with Lang is such a unique and special experience for anyone. You can feel the positive energy radiating when in his presence. His teachings are thoughtful, and his sequences are one of kind. I always leave Lang’s classes feeling amazing and empowered.”

Mabel Tippets


Private Online Classes: Donation, minimum $15/hour. Contact me at to schedule!

Private Sessions: $60/hour. Contact me to set up an appointment!


No Current Classes


9:30-10:45am Clear Center Connect Vinyasa Class at Kitsap Hot Yoga (Poulsbo, WA)


8:00-9:00am Vinyasa Flow Class online with Sweet Santosha


**10:00-11:00am Hot Hatha at Kitsap Hot Yoga (Poulsbo, WA)

6:15-7:15PM Hot Vinyasa Flow at Kitsap Hot Yoga (Poulsbo, WA)


9:30-10:45am Clear Center Connect Vinyasa Class at Kitsap Hot Yoga (Poulsbo, WA)

** This class will be on pause June-August 2023, due to the summer studio slow down

“You are a gift to this aching world…thank you Lang!”

Kay Jensen

“A 6 am yoga class isn’t for everyone, but Lang brings the energy and positive vibes that gets you through your practice so you begin your day with a smile and a few laughs along the way. His constant reminder that yoga is not about perfection, rather, more about being mindful of how your body and mind is serving you at the moment, makes practicing with Lang a meaningful, vibrant, and positive experience every time. But all this does not stop at the studio. He carries it also in friendship and love.”

Alma Sisk

“Lang. You bless and brighten everyone’s day with your genuine and kind soul.”

Rose Morgan Douglas

“So grateful for your thoughts and perspective, especially now. You’re an amazing creation, Lang.”