You know how sometimes a passing comment, or remark about you gets stuck in your head on repeat? Like a bee stinging you over and over and over again? That’s been true for me lately!

Our words can be weapons, or bring wellness.

AND, while they spoke them once (and with no ill will), I am the one who has voiced them in my head to my detriment. The most powerful words said to us aren’t what others say, but what we tell ourselves in our minds.

The “trick” is realizing, although our thought bubbles often seem out of our control, like a group of rowdy toddlers, we have the power to change our inner voice(s). Our mental chatter deeply forms and shapes us as humans. This makes it vital for us to “step back,” observe the stories in our heads, evaluate them, and then make deliberate and repetitive changes for our betterment.

While the record player of my mind has been playing an album titled, “Not enough. My work doesn’t matter. Anxiety!” With purpose and patience, I’m choosing to replace it with, “Enough. My work makes a difference. Calm.”

What’s the story in your head?

Hugs & Love,