I recently came across a card I wrote and sealed to myself at the beginning of our doctoral voyage. My little statement of fears, hopes, worries, and prayers from two years ago at Cannon Beach says:

Comfort of the known,

Fear of rejection/isolation, and

Not having much in the way of a “team.”

Talk about a desire and prayer being answered! Leaving the “lands” I knew behind for unknown waters, not only healed my fears, it placed me in an armada of awesome people! From the beginning of the program, I decided to be fully and freely myself. While this had me worried that I’d end up on the proverbial Island of Lost Toys, the journey brought me to a utopian place of acceptance, love, and communion. I feel beyond blessed!

Since each of us gets to be a cocreator of our life, I wondered: What was my part in this evolution of awesomeness?

I had an open mind, spirit, and heart. It’s really that simple. One could even name that “faith.” An open mind/spirit/heart is one that leaves space in it for others. It allows for possibilities we might never even dream of. Openness creates room for goodness to come in and live with us—whether it’s a more life-giving belief, a beautiful person, a wonderful opportunity, a transcendent experience, and/or the Divine.

While fears, worries, insecurities, and so on, push us to grip more tightly, “double down,” shrink, and close off; choosing to be inwardly spacious, is to set a place at the table of your life for love, grace, joy, peace, wellbeing, and communion. Open minds open possibilities. It’s a beautiful experience, and I hope you have a beautiful day!

Hugs & Love,