While Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back 🤣 my goal is to bring bowing back. Bowing, as in the practice of honoring the light in each person we meet, the lessons for growth into goodness in every experience, the wisdom from hurts and failures, and the happiness from gifts and successes. Truly, in many ways I believe the rollercoaster we’ve been riding together since March has already more than begun the process. For instance, I’ve noticed how in stores and on walks people have taken to nodding to one another, and heard many share the life lessons these times have taught them.

To “bow” is to humbly recognize I don’t have it all figured out, people are inherently good, life is a fabulous gift, and we’re all connected and entangled by love. One of the beautiful things about it is it contains space–bowing has a built in “step-back” from which we can see more truly, as well as a gap that can form a healthy boundary (as applicable) or be crossed for deeper intimacy (as joyous). This practice is simultaneously courageous, confident, and kind, as it honors both oneself and the other/circumstance; which, as it turns out, is pretty dang sexy! With that in mind, I bow to you, this moment, and life! And invite you to join me in the practice of bowing.

Hugs & Love,


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