Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t know how to act?  One of the blessings of marrying Lisa was gaining three adult “kids” and seven grandchildren.  The weird part, though, is having only been in their lives for a few years, we don’t have a dad or granddad type of relationship, not that we ever “need” to.  As you might imagine, this leaves me sometimes wondering who I’m supposed to be around them.  Spoiler alert, the answer is LANG!  While awkwardly engaging with a couple of the granddaughters Saturday, I had one of those out of body moments and asked myself, “What are you doing?”

On a related note, growing up I was smart and great at school.  According to cultural norms, my thriving in math and science meant I should be a doctor, engineer, or something along those lines.  So, I started university on that path, but my spirit was disquiet.  My Wise Guide on the Inside let me know the direction I was heading was inauthentic to who I am, via a bodily sense of unease.  I share this because culture, parents, life, and even our own thoughts have a tendency to put us in boxes, by telling us who we should or shouldn’t be, and what we can and can’t do.

YOU, beautiful being, HAVE PERMISSION TO BE THE REAL YOU!!!  Cultural norms, stereotypes, “should”s, and “shouldn’t”s do NOT define you.  You are a magical and marvelous once in the history of ever miraculous mystery!!!  You can dance if you wanna.  Wherever you are in life, YOU have permission to run, play, paint, write, garden, or let loose any other soul beauty that’s been caged.  Today, I invite us to practice being more our True and Amazing Selves!


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Grace and peace,