Welcome sadness, it will bless you. In the midst of a recent spin class on our Peloton, I broke down in tears. The instructor, Kendall Toole, invited us to welcome grief in, so I did. Soon enough, my waterworks began mixing with my sweat to form a healing “cocktail” on my face. What broke and blessed me goes a little something like this:

The realization a past version of myself had not stood up for myself in the face of emotional harm. I was like a junky hooked on the highs, and devastated by the lows.

The awareness that same self didn’t understand how highly sensitive, creative, and uniquely wired my now 16-year-old child, Lara, is. Which contributed to some wounds and insecurities Lara’s currently navigating and healing.

The deep sadness I’d fought for an unhealthy relationship well past its expiration date, with the best of intentions.

A desire to not only be great at owning my faults and wrongs (a strength), but also be great at naming my needs, desires, boundaries, dreams, and hopes (a struggle I’m getting better at).

You know how we tend to think sadness will wreck us, so we don’t let it in? The opposite is true. After allowing, and pedaling through my sadness from years ago, when I got off the bike I felt more vibrant and alive than ever! Inviting sadness allowed me to not only forgive old Lang’s, it opened the “door” to new levels of growth, becoming, and loving.

In truth, sadness is like our dear friend Rachel. She’ll often dog/house sit for us when we’re away, and always leaves our house cleaner and tidier than when she arrived! When I welcomed sadness in, it turns out it left increased confidence, compassion, care, understanding, and wellness behind. What’s your experience been?

Hugs & Love,Lang

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