For years I hurt my family, friends, and self by being solely the strong, silent type. You see, I bought into the notions that silence was strength, vulnerability was weakness, and control was power. Now, though, I believe: Sharing is strength, vulnerability is courageous, and open-heartedness is power. Why? While there are a number of reasons, Jesus is a big one.

It’s pretty hard to imagine something more strong, courageous, and powerful than the Divine, right? Given that, picture this: The Creator of All Things became a baby. A crying, pooping, and hungry infant who was completely dependent on parents for food, shelter, wellness, and survival. Pretty dang vulnerable, don’t you think?

Later, as an adult, the Christ travelled from village to village, listening to, conversing with, caring for, breaking bread with, and healing all manner of people—from the most unseen of outcasts, to the most powerful, and everyone in between! Talk about sharing life!

Then, for the sake of Love, Jesus allowed God’s Self to be tortured and executed in the most shameful and excruciating way. Yikes, and wow! FAR from being “strong” and silent, the Source of All’s heart was, and is, open to ALL of humanity’s worst, in order to take it all in and transform it into life-giving, healing, transformative Love.

One of my favorite images comes in Revelation 5, where in the author’s vision, at a crucial moment for humanity/reality, only the Lion (a symbol of power) can save the day. YET, when the writer turns to behold said “Lion”, instead he discovers the Savior is actually a slaughtered, baby lamb! Vulnerability is truly the new strength.

Over the years, as I’ve shifted my mentality and way of being from independence, silence, and imperviousness, to sharing all life’s ups and downs, vulnerably bearing my soul, and opening my heart to others, the richness of life has increased exponentially. It’s truly been like my world changed from black-and-white to color! Have you had similar experiences?

I wonder: What would it look like for us to follow Jesus’ example? What would change in our lives, relationships, and beyond? How much more united, healthy, well, connected, and loving would we become?

Hugs & Love,


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