“I wish I had a relationship like that.” In our nearly 5 years together, people have said some form of that to Lisa and I more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. While I don’t believe in formulas when it comes to relationships, I would also say: Trust the goodness. Trusting a partner, family, others, and life are good, is a key that unlocks amazingness. Living from a foundation of believing the best is one able to weather the stormy moments and seasons we inevitably pass through in life.

Not that adopting this stance is free from risk or fears though. Opening one’s heart to trust is scary, and we do get hurt and let down sometimes. That said, trusting goodness isn’t a passive deal, there’s something about naming and verbalizing the beauty, kindness, courage, wisdom, and other positives in people that brings it out of us. Know what I mean? YOU are FABULOUS!

What you look for, you’ll find. So, here’s to trusting in and looking for the good, in ourselves, others, and life!

Hugs & Love,


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