My favorite part about practicing and teaching yoga is it makes us better people. I say that because it helps us become more connected to ourselves and others, more aware of the effects of our words and deeds, and, thus, increasingly mindful of what we say and do. It’s helped me realize: Who we are when we’re alone is who we truly are; and, when we live in love and kindness, we live in heaven.

What’s your relationship with yourself like? As a person who’s lived for good chunks of time where I perceived myself with shame, gratitude, fear, joy, guilt, celebration, loathing, or love, I’m convinced how we view and treat ourselves, deeply informs how we see and interact with others. What we put into ourselves, is what we send out! And the kindness, peace, wholeness, grace, and love we want to see in the world, needs to start within us. Know what I mean?

My old stories and patterns of self-shame, judgment, and disapproval aren’t gone, yet the more I “swim in a sea of kindness”, the quieter those voices get, and more amazing life becomes. So, here’s to opening our hearts to the ever-present Current of Love, and see where it takes us!

Hugs & Love,


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