When I was young, whenever someone pointed out how a different religion had an eerily similar story, belief, or teaching to Christianity, I’d be thrown off kilter or shift to denial. Now, though, it makes me glad, as I receive it as evidence God is, and always has been, clearly communicating to all peoples. I do believe though, while recognizing I might be wrong, Christianity has distinct gifts to offer humanity. 3 especially beautiful ones stand out to me.

Christianity gives the Divine a face, which is no small thing as it creates the opportunity for real Love. Love that gives, honors, comforts, and uplifts is a face-to-face affair. While there are many directions one could go with this, suffice it to say Lovingkindness to/from others is intrinsically connected to adoration to/from our Creator.

Hand-in-hand with this is the Trinity, the belief Christ reveals the one God is three persons—who are forever intimately pouring goodness into one another, a Divine Dance we’re invited to join. This beautifully blows my mind because it says the Source of life is relational through-and-through, which means reality itself is inherently relational. We are truly made for connection!

You know the plethora of stories about a lover going to great lengths to “win” the beloved? Christianity reveals Spirit SO desires our hearts, the Oneness is not only willing to die, but also be utterly shamed for us! And already did when Jesus was 100% humiliated and murdered on a cross. A different way to say this is for ages we’ve believed, and religions taught, we need sacrifices, i.e. violence, to reach the Divine. Yet, Christ reveals the God who sacrifices to appease ourbloodthirst. Spirit is so desirous of our “hand” He/She won’t let ANYTHING separate us, aside from our choice, as God is Lover not abuser.

It’s only natural, then, that Christianity also shows us Love is the flow of reality. Not the easy-peasy cotton-candy kind, but Love marked by patience, kindness, esteem, humbleness, giving, protection, trust, hope, and perseverance. According to Jesus this way of being sums up ALL the law—when we live into it we thrive, yet suffer when we don’t.

How did this speak to you? What would you add? Have a beautiful day!

Hugs & Love,