In my journey to Love others, creation, myself, and the Source of this all well, I feel like the area I struggle with most is finding a good balance when it comes to Loving myself and others … especially as my wife and I navigate life together.  If our “Love tank” was a piece of paper, while Lisa’s default is to start by filling the page with how she’s going to care for others, and only nourish herself IF there’s space left, my programming is to start with myself and THEN add others.  So, as I set an intention for 2020 to continue to set aside more space for others on my Love page, I offer you and I this reminder from Friedrich Nietzsche in Beyond Good and Evil on what makes for a fantastic life:

The essential thing ‘in heaven and in earth’ is, apparently …, that there should be long OBEDIENCE in the same direction, there thereby results, and has always resulted in the long run, something which has made life worth living; for instance, virtue, art, music, dancing, reason, spirituality– anything whatever that is transfiguring, refined, foolish, or divine.”

What I hear from the philosopher is: When it comes to the people, passions, changes, ideals, and causes that matter most in life, keep going, remember and cherish your why, honor the process, stay committed purely for the joy of loyalty, and celebrate every step of the way!  Long obedience to the relational, spiritual, artistic, social justice, and any other goodness beyond ourselves that resonates with you is truly winning at life.  So, today I invite us to bring to mind what Lights us up, and continue to journey that direction with commitment and a smile!


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