Do you know how dope you are? 2020 sucker punched us, planted a roundhouse kick in our face, and then proceeded to pummel us while we were down … Yet, YOU got back up and are still breathing, going, smiling, loving, and being loved more than words can say! It’s like you’re Rocky asking 2020, “Is that all you’ve got?” I’m not saying the struggle isn’t real, because it can be SO hard! Instead, I am observing while part of us is neck deep in the mess and the muck, there is always another Light-filled part of you and I soaring in the heavens. A deep knowingness that “we’ve got this”, “we can do hard things”, and “all will be well”!

I’m nearly perpetually smiling, joyful, and high on life NOT because I don’t have friends going through heartbreaking stuff (oh my word, SO SO SO crappy), my own inner insecurities/demons, or family members navigating a variety of serious medical or identity dilemmas … ALL of that and more is happening. My bliss is 100% authentic because AS I listen, cry, comfort, shout, and deeply feel those things, I’ve learned to simultaneously trust the knowingness that confidently says “ALL will be well” is 1000% right! Whether you name it your Higher Self, the Holy Spirit, or _____, heeding its wisdom makes all the difference in the world. It’s like wearing a completely bulletproof head-to-toe suit of bliss in a gunfight!

So, cheers to you for being here, making it this far, and being amazing!Let’s keep trusting the Light inside us, and let it shine in all situations!

Hugs & Love,