Have you ever seen a message notification in passing, and created a whole storyline around it before actually reading it … only to have none of what you imagined probable/possible turn out to be true? I got a FB message from a pastor friend about a shocking death 😮 with a link to an article about it. Since he’d never messaged me before, and is a person I trust deeply, I figured it was for sure a public figure I looked up to and admired. Because that’s what a wonderful and compassionate person like him does!

Since he didn’t name the figure—story in my head was: It was because of the shock of WHO it was—I started thinking of who it might be. Rob Bell? Brian McLaren? Not wanting to bear either of those thoughts, I then settled on N.T. Wright (an inspiring, elder Christian author). That was the story in my head. When I had a spare moment, after lunch, I clicked the link. There were problems. I tried again. And again. And finally got to a website … which just continued to “swirl”, like it was loading. I closed and tried it again, more than once. I KNOW! 🤣 That’s how bought into the story in my headI was!

Can you relate? Have you been there? Turns out 😳 it was a hacker. When I clicked the link, and/or hit “enable VPN” on my phone (I tried it on both my iPhone and MacBook), it got into my account, and messaged virtually ALL of my friends the exact same message I fell for!  😬 

No less than 10 people messaged me some form of: “You’re hacked, friend” or “Is this legit?” Aren’t caring friends who look out for you are the best?! 💓

I share this not just because it’s both hilarious and frustrating—and each is best shared—but also because: The story we tell in our heads is powerful. As in, perhaps the most powerful force in our lives. Think about it. And, even though it led to a good deal of wasted time and frustration, I am glad the story in my head toward said pastor friend was one of trust.

Hugs & Love,


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