Love resides in the pause. What I mean by that is while my first words, or reaction, to something I disagree with, don’t like, or feel pressure or opposition from are generally not helpful or are unkind: Pausing, breathing, and giving my thoughts time to settle, creates space for love to move in. Can you relate?

In many ways, yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices are simply exercises in building-in and increasing the pause before we speak or react. While judgmental and divisive thoughts and deeds come quick, like the dark side of the force, love has a slower and smoother approach, but is well worth the wait!

If I say something snarky or poke fun at her, my wife will often say: “Are you wearing your snarky pants today?” To pause before we speak or act, then, is like choosing to put on calm, clear, and confident “pants” made from love. All it takes is practice, and practice makes for progress. Here’s to pausing more to let love in!

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