Perhaps the worst and best part of both my divorces was the suffering.  You see, when my mental landscape was littered with boulders of blame and judgment toward my ex, MY LIFE SUCKED and I went into a downward spiral.  Yet, when I switched from being a passenger in to a driver of my life, from victimhood to ownership, from blaming to changing, my existence shifted from decaying to blooming!

Yoga invites us to practice self-study, Christianity names us temples of the Divine, and I say “amen!”  Svadhyaya, one of yoga’s exercises, means both studying yourself and pondering sacred texts.  With that in mind, I believe one of the most powerful things you and I can do is: Examine yourself and esteem others like we’re hallowed scriptures … because we are!

The ONLY faults we can own are our own, and we ALL have them.  Simultaneously, though, the SOLE amazingness we can claim is our own, and we ALL are!  We are scriptures in motion, heaven in process, and beauty that’s blossoming.  So, I invite us to study ourselves with a spirit of awe and an eye toward transformation!


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