After I take our dog, Biscuits, out, I’ll frequently pet and tell her she’s a “good girl”—and with a look of pure bliss, she’ll literally start purring. #adorable This got me thinking how amazing it feels to let our bodies, minds, and spirits “purr”, and what a gift it is to help someone else experience that same inner humming.

What brings you to a state of purr-like pleasure? Where it feels like your body and/or brain and/or spirit are singing and dancing with glee? Doesn’t it make a world of difference to have a couple moments like this during a day? It seems to me a key to soaking in a symphony of sweet inner sensations is being totally present to what it going on in our bodies, breath, hearts, and spirit (or energetic) sense. Purr pleasure comes when we’re completely absorbed in what is.

Biscuits giving herself a facial! 🙂

Whether it’s the afterglow after a workout, the tingle following a kiss, the warmth that accompanies a hug, the shine that comes from a compliment, the inner brightness that follows a happy ending, the effects of your first cup of coffee in the morning, the feeling of deliciousness on the tongue while enjoying a good dish or drink, the deep feeling of connection and wellness we get in nature, the heart yumminess that comes with communing with others, or _______, there are MANY ways to let our body-mind-spirit complex reap the benefits of a good purr! Savor it. Enjoy it. Steep in it.

Really, all I’m saying is observing and meditating on Biscuits’ purring (side note, how cute is it for a little terrier to purr?) has me thinking two things for us: 1) When the feeling arises, take the time to really let our body, mind, and/or spirit “meow” with happiness. 2) Look for opportunities to help others drop into such states of bliss by giving them compliments, words of encouragement, smiles, hugs, good food/drink, pausing and slowing to really listen to her/him, and so on.

What do you think? How might letting your being purr more help you become more alive? What brings that singing sensation to you? What ways can you mindfully bless others in a similar way? May you have a purr-fectly amazing day!

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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,