10 years later, I still sometimes get really frustrated I can’t drive.  Or agitated the lack of peripheral vision preventing that, imagine missing 50% of your field of vision, also leads to knocking over and breaking things, hitting my head on walls as I turn, or painfully smacking a knee or toes on hard objects when I change directions.  While this is an extreme example, are there temporary or long-term realities in your life you struggle with?  Perhaps it’s an irksome coworker, the stress of kids, a medical condition, or some inner demons?  I know I have some little devils inside me!

With that in mind, I’ll tell you and I: The path to awesomeness in life is ALLSOMENESS.  This word SARK, an author I follow, made up echoes how Richard Rohr says, “Everything belongs”, in that the more we accept and are with ALL our experiences, the more whole, content, and lit up we become!  Conversely, the more we resist or ignore what is, the more we suffer and struggle.  Allsomeness is SARK’s word to capture this Truth: Personally and communally, I find healing, transformation, and flourishing comes via acceptance of it ALL.  That said, as she also points out, “I don’t believe that including and accepting it all means loving, or even liking it all- it means being willing to see and be with it all.”

The changes we want to see both inside ourselves and in the world come from acceptance and understanding of, and curiosity toward EVERYTHING that is.  Like the way lotus flowers grow from mud, today I invite us to practice ALLSOMENESS to experience more awesomeness!


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Grace and peace,