What brings out the best in you? For me, it’s pausing. When I pause, breathe, ponder, and wonder, love fills and shines through the space that slowing down fosters within us. Looking back on my missteps; the common thread between when I say or do something hurtful, stupid, disrespectful, and/or unkind, is when I do not stop, and take time to clear, center, and connect. Do you know what I mean?

Making a practice of pausing has been, and is, a total gamechanger for me. Whether it’s deciding to think before speaking, taking a weekly day off from working and adulting, or placing pause points in your day (like a walk, yoga practice, meditation, bath, prayer, etc.), the effect is glorious. There’s a reason why some call it a “Sacred Pause”.

A sacred pause—whether for a breath, minute, hour, or day—flings the “door” in our hearts wide open to lifegiving love.

In many ways, the opposite of kindness, care, compassion, and generosity is speed—of thought, word, or deed. It turns out, Yoda wasn’t speaking of just some fictional “Force” in Star Wars by saying the “dark side” comes quickly and easily to a person. Conversely, the light side of life, takes time, patience, intention, and inner spaciousness. The magical part is, when we pause, breathe our cares away, center ourselves, and connect to something bigger than and beyond ourselves, lovingkindness flows effortlessly and naturally through us!

How can mindfully slowing down bless you and others? What are some ways you can practice sacred pauses? Recently, I’ve been extra quick to say sarcastic things, so plan to pause and ponder such remarks, before deciding whether to say them or not.

To pause is to love.

Hugs & Love,


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