While I was practicing my yoga class for February, “The Love is IN Your Heart”, I had an aha moment.  In one flow you reach your hands forward and back with palms up on the inhale, and then sweetly collect them to heart’s center on the exhale.  On my mat I realized this symbolizes how we can gather the joys and hurts of our pasts, combine them with the hopes and worries of our futures, and draw them into the transformative fires of the divine Love residing in each of our hearts.  In both my experiences and beliefs, there’s nothing kindness, patience, humble confidence, believing the best, hope, service, commitment, and the other pillars of Love can’t transform and enliven.

For instance, in my childhood we moved a fair bit, my parents got divorced, I got bullied, and we lived in West Germany when nuclear war was a very real threat.  I share this because these traumas led me to cut my emotions off and live in my head.  On the future side, we’re SUPER hopeful we’ll soon get to buy and move into a new construction dream home, but worried about our loan getting approved and other financial matters.  The more I hold these up to the light of Love, though, the more I can shed good tears, laugh richly, and hold my concerns lightly, because nothing is bigger than or more powerful than Love, and it continuously reassures us “all will be well”.

So, today I invite us to hold our joys, hurts, hopes, and worries in our hearts, allow Love’s light to shine on them, and see what happens.  I’m stoked to find out!



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Grace and peace,