I dig metaphors, and one that’s speaking to me lately is choosing to live in a Love Castle. It’s where our family’s life together is akin to a castle, one that only allows love in over its moat and through its gates. No love, no entry! To be clear, “love”, as I understand it, is the giving of oneself for flourishing. It’s marked by unconditional acceptance, value, and belonging.

This does NOT mean we aren’t challenged or changed, just that it’s only done with, in, and through love. Truly, it’s the only thing that’s ever transformed me! Love has shown me time and again, for instance, how I’ve unintentionally harmed or retraumatized sexually abused people, and taught me to do better. It brings me to my knees, in the best way, and invites me to be a better partner, father, son, brother, and friend.

Love is the energy that gives us life to the fullest! It heals, inspires, encourages, unites, enlivens, lifts us up, and calls us into the best version of ourselves. While it’s often sweet and cozy, it’s also sometimes spicy and unsettling. Yet, love always includes a spirit of unchanging and unending acceptance, value, and belonging, which makes ALL the difference in the world.

We were birthed from and live within Divine love. Jesus said radical love of the Creator, others, and ourselves is what life’s all about. So, I choose to live in a Love Castle. How about you?

Hugs & Love,


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