Above is a picture of Love! You see my low back is a bit wonky, so I sleep on my side with a small pillow between my legs to let my back release. The night of the pic I got home a bit late after getting together with some friends. So, in it you can see lovely Lisa, my wife, asleep after not only turning down my side of the bed, but also kindly placing the pillow for my low back on my spot. This isn’t the exception, though, it’s the norm! Whether it’s at home with my daughter and I, at work with coworkers, on the phone with her kids, at the store with a cashier, spending time with grandkids, or hanging with friends, Lisa is constantly looking for and doing little things to Love people well.

I’d say, real Love is taking what you know of a person, or people, and using your gifts to mindfully do things that bless or benefit them. Honestly, the more I live, the more I find it’s not hard to do. It’s getting out of our heads and into our hearts. It’s plugging my spirit into Spirit. It’s moving with the awareness ALL people are God’s beloved children. It’s realizing Love, as in the kind that gives, sacrifices, heals, shares, is willing to die, comforts, nourishes, and enlivens is, like gravity—an inherent part of reality and being human. While I could be wrong about this, I find living as if it’s true is a beautiful way to be.

What is more, Love is contagious! For instance, Lisa regularly listens deeply to coworkers about their lives, offers words of encouragement, gives them hugs (pre-pandemic), brings them her world famous guacamole, or gets her shop gourmet donuts for breakfast—and, while she’s too humble to say it this way, I can’t tell you how many times she’s told me how her Loving-kindness helped others change and blossom into more joyous and Loving people.

There are as many ways to Love others well as there are people in the world. So, whether it’s turning down the bed, giving a hug, sharing a kind word, listening to a sorrow or success, giving something, buying or making someone a meal, sending a card, writing an encouraging text, or _____ I believe spreading little acts of Love not only yield big results, but is what we were born to do! How do you enjoy extending this gift?

Hugs and Love,