Recently I had a couple super hard conversations. Without going into details that aren’t mine to share, they were the kind that you know in advance could go super sideways. Know what I mean? Want to guess what the most stressful, angsty, and worst part of both was? The pre-conversation dread and fear of the awkwardness and disagreement I “knew” was going to come… which was 100% in my head! Isn’t that the way it SO often goes though? (BTW, the talks went great)

This is helping me realize: Suffering is largely an inside job, as the most powerful things said to us are what we say in our heads to ourselves!

Naturally, this leads me to Radnor & Lee. 🤣 They’re a musical duo led by the lead (Josh Radnor) of one of my all-time favorite TV shows, “How I Met your Mother”. I mention this because their song, “Be Like the Being” ( speaks to how in many ways our worst enemy is the grey matter between our ears, with all its judgments, comparisons, criticisms, and competition. In the song they wonder:

“How would it feel to be free of self

If I could free myself

If only I could, if only I could, if only

How would I feel if I had a heart at peace

If I could be released”

To be free of “self” and experience the “peace” that results, is not to stop existing as a person, but to stop existing as a person separate from and/or in competition with others! Freedom comes when we shift from future-tripping (like I was doing) and ruminating on the past (as I’m also guilty of), to being. Just being. Here. Now. With.

The sages (as does the song) picked up on the importance of this by speaking of the Divine as the “ground of being”. In that by allowing ourselves to just be, we plug our spirits into, and experience the Marvelous Magical Mystery Behind This All. In doing this we got out of our 90% negative and repetitive thought bubbles, which opens us up to taste and live from joy, wisdom, trust, courage, awe, kindness, lightness, flourishing, and love.

Hugs & Love,


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