While I love giving (and receiving) gifts, the present I most earnestly wish to share with others, especially my daughter, is to keep the light of their eyes ablaze with the flame of life in its zesty fullness! Honestly, by FAR one of the things I have the most angst over is how well I’m doing by my daughter. I passionately desire life’s best for Lara. Inspired by an Alanis Morissette song, and having a heart for helping people shine, I figured I’d share a few thoughts on the topic.

For anyone interested, Alanis’ song is “Ablaze” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn6IO78BmRM), and I cry EVERY time. You know how the sun’s light shows up differently each day, as clouds, seasons, air quality, and many other factors alter its brightness and hue? Day-by-day the same light shows up, only in a different shade each time. I think we’re like that. While we all spring from the same Source of Life, Light, and Love, we each express it in our own unique way.Humans are one AND different, the same AND unique.

I believe we are created to shine. The “trick”, with the push for uniformity, trauma of hurt, intoxication of success, and the voice of doubt, is clearing these blockages enough to clearly see and live into what lights us up from the inside out.Whether we need a little or a lot of healing to get in touch with the truth about ourselves, having a safe space to explore this process is paramount. That’s why I do my best to give Lara freedom to unpack her heart without fear of judgment or rejection.

Although I love to talk and am full of great ideas 😉 for Lara to fully shine I need to lessen so she can increase. So, I empower and encourage her to use her voice, as we need her uniquely amazing perspective. You know how gently blowing on a flame can help the fire grow? Listening to others is like that when it comes to getting our shine on. To be listened to well, is to be given wings to fly in life.

One of the trickiest things with a nearly 16-year-old daughter is balancing safety and freedom with protection and wisdom. I think a 4th piece of helping people live a beautifully bright life is opportunity—cultivating chances to try their shine on, with room to safely both stumble and succeed. Honestly, this is one I’m struggling with the most, especially with lockdowns and social distancing. And the quiet voice of wisdom in me says nurturing time with her peers is a great first step.

To let the inner vibrant, vivacious aliveness we were each born with shine fully takes safety, room to “speak”, listening, and opportunity. At least that’s my take—what do you think? May your eyes be ablaze with the full zesty awesomeness of life!

Love & Hugs,


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