What warms your heart with love? Whether it’s something you do, an event, a practice, and/or people, what brings bliss bubbling up, and a deep sense of contentment in your soul? Yoga does this for me, because …

Yoga isn’t about flexibility, unless one means to “stretch” around the world, and beyond. The point and “goal” of yoga is enlightenment, for everyone! While it’s easy to think enlightenment is like being a saint or mystic—something for uniquely great people—that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s pure peace, beautiful bliss, wonderous wellness and wellbeing, and limitless love for anyone and everyone! Here and now. The “trick” is realizing enlightenment isn’t something we achieve or pursue, it’s a divine gift/connection already planted within us.

As we use practices—like yoga, worship, being in nature, and meditation/contemplation—to clear away the wounds, stresses, unhelpful stories we tell in our heads, cares, fears, and such of life; we get “tastes” of a deep, deep sense that all is well, and all will be fabulously well! It’s like the ecstasy of a first kiss, holding a baby, or having a great moment in nature. These are all moments of enlightenment. The more we practice going that direction, the more we not only free ourselves of life’s “baggage”, the more we plug our hearts into others, animals, plants, reality, and the Magical Mystery Behind This All. This union with ALL, which Jesus prays for us in John 17, is what yoga (and life) is all about.

And, while I LOVE me some yoga, it isn’t the only path to experiencing heaven on earth. Whatever helps one clear out their mental chatter to tune into their soul will get them “there”. And by “there”, I mean here and now, because in many ways that’s the trick. While our thoughts are oriented toward the past and future (in a largely negative manner, unless we train our brains), by being in and with our bodies and breath, we place ourselves in the here and now—where all the goodness lives.

You’re beautiful and amazing! Be here. Be now. Be love.

Hugs & Love,


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