When it comes to healing, growing, and becoming more alive/loving, I love metaphors. Lately I’ve been mulling this one over: Don’t be broken glass, be a disco ball! When we get hurt or fail, that bit of us is like the shards of a broken window, sharp and painful. And, until we do the work of healing it stays that way, and often “cuts” others too. YET, when we walk the road of restoration, it’s like taking those bits of broken glass and putting them together to form a disco ball—a sparkling, joyous light of rainbow goodness that blesses others!

One of the deepest hurts in my life is rejection, real, perceived, and in between. For instance, I used to be quite fundamentalist/conservative, both as a Christian and in politics. My journey, though, has changed my beliefs to be, in short, more mystical and love-focused. The rub, though, is—while I feel WAY closer to Christ, more alive, and more loving than ever before—I feel rejected by both those who believe the way I used to, AND those who shifted away from Christianity.

Likewise, being bullied in middle school, not one of the cool kids in high school, divorced twice, and disabled (I can’t drive, as an injury in 2008 left me with neither depth perception or peripheral vision) has left me shattered and broken time and again. I share this tender spot in me because I’ve done a large amount of healing in this area (not that I’m done), and this repair has put me back together again to sparkle like a disco ball. From my scars of rejection, I share acceptance, inclusion, encouragement, affirmation, compassion, understanding, and kindness as much as I can.

Our deep hurts and great losses are the soil for amazing gifts we can give others! YOU are born to sparkle like a disco ball. It’s not easy to mend our broken bits, but it is SO worth it, and is a great blessing to others as well! How have you seen this in your life? How would you like to?

Hugs & Love,


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