My wife and I have this dance we do.  Generally speaking, she cooks on the weekends and I do on weeknights, Lisa takes our dog Biscuits out in the morning and I handle the rest, I do the laundry and she cleans the floors, and so on.  While our dance moves shift when the music of life changes, the flow of Love between us, a giving and receiving of tangible acts of care and kindness + many words of affirmation, encouragement, and gratitude, never ceases.  Not only is this experience AMAZING, I’m convinced our perpetual giving of our energies for the wellbeing of one another is at the heart of Reality and is the very Flow of Life itself … and I’m not alone.

A central pillar of my Christian tradition, for instance, is the Trinity, meaning we believe the one God is three persons; wherein the very nature of the Divine is life-giving, loving relationship, as the persons of God endlessly give of themselves for the benefit of the others.  The juicy part is there’s an open invitation for us to join this heavenly circle dance of giving and receiving Love.  In my experience, whether you believe in God or not, you can join the Flow of selfless care and compassion.  That said, I have to warn you, side effects may include big bliss, gigantic gratitude, and profound peace.

Julian of Norwich, a mystic from the 15th century, said we are ALL simultaneously enfolded in the goodness of Heaven and Divine Love is enclosed WITHIN us.  My friend and teacher Eoin Finn believes Love is a cosmic force like gravity, and at least living like that’s true makes things magically marvelous.  With all this in mind, today I invite us to go with the Flow by joining the cosmic Dance of Kindness, where we’ll find Love unbounded and Glory uncontained.


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Grace and peace,