After lunch on workdays (I work largely from home), I clean the kitchen up from the night before and that day. I don’t share this to brag (mostly 🤣), but to observe: Routines create freedom. By having rituals and rhythms to accomplish the mundane, nourish ourselves (body, mind, and spirit), and care for others, we free ourselves to enjoy greater levels of pleasure, playfulness, purpose, and peace. Beneficial routines are, for one’s life, what a great foundation is for a mansion. They create the possibility of awesomeness!

In addition to the benefits specific routines provide in and of themselves, they create space in our minds. This is not only because we can cross the items off our mental to-do lists, there’s something about repetitive behaviors that nudges us to drop out of our comparative and critical brains, and into our joyous and loving hearts!

You know how often, when life gets crazy, one of the first things to go is our routines … especially the self-care ones? That, friends, is when we need them MOST! Our rhythms for getting tasks done and providing care, form the grounding force that frees us to fly in life. Here’s to us flying together!

Hugs & Love,


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