Sometimes things are not as they look. Granted, many sunsets from our street are beautiful (like this one), there’s also a lot going on “beneath the surface”. Mud, dirt, pollution, predators, prey, death, and so on lie out of view. I point this out because, while the story isn’t ours to share, mental health recently punched us in the face, so to speak. Which helped us realize: When it comes to our mental health, people have A LOT going on beneath the surface! Especially those weighed down by mental illness. Our “waters” are thick with anxiety, depression, shame, fear, worry, comparison, and worse! Since life is a team sport, it’s vital for us to be able to safely share such struggles with one another.

While I’m super glad our collective awareness of and care for those struggling with mental/emotional issues is on the rise, we still have a ways to go. Even before the pandemic significantly amplified this problem, we didn’t have near enough mental health facilities to help everyone in need. That said, I’d like to take this to a personal level.

What would it look like if you and I not only regularly checked in on our own inner wellness, but also did so for others? Like for reals! As we were navigating the aforementioned “storm”, a dear friend invited Lisa to take some time off from work. By doing so, my wife inspired me to as well, which made a world of difference. So, I’d also ask: What would it look like for us to give both ourselves and others freedom and permission to tend to our mental wellness in helpful and healing ways?

Hugs & Love,


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