If I could say one thing to you, it’s this: YOU are Loved/Love. Now and forever, no matter what, you are deeply loved—more than words can express. And, when we peel away the mess and muck of life, I believe the deepest truth of each of us is love. We came from love, are made to love, and return to love.

I don’t say this lightly. I have been through hell. I was:

Bullied in middle school.

Addicted to porn.

Cracked open by a miscarriage.

Unraveled by a divorce.


Should have died after freakishly falling 30 feet off a cliff headfirst onto a boulder.

Lost my career from said accident.

So can’t drive.

And also have a severe traumatic brain injury, so am slower at most everything.

Lost my identity in another divorce.

Felt 100% unloved/unlovable following said second divorce.

Have lost dear friends I didn’t want to lose.

Failed in a career I felt called to.

Am disabled … it took me more than a decade to really realize and own this.

And amidst and through all those things, I realized I am deeply, endlessly, infinitely, intimately loved, which heals and frees me to (as best I can) do likewise. I’m not special. I’m human, just like you. Though I would say that’s pretty dang special for all of us.

I believe and trust this because I’m convinced the Truth about God, and life—as revealed by Jesus—is Love. Which I see science, spirituality, experience, yoga, and people also showing, after the muck and mess is rinsed away. Naturally, in a variety of ways (including love’s call to stop harmful ways of being, or our experience of hell) this can hurt. And, I’ve found it’s that very hurt that leads us to redemption. Know what I mean? You, beloved, are Love/Loved. Period. Full-stop. Whether you believe that or not, I invite you to try it out. May we live and love from the energy of the beloved!

Hugs & Love,


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