I can’t smell.  At all!  Wouldn’t that be weird?  The craziest part is, after my surreal and nearly fatal hiking accident in 2008, it took more than a year to realize I couldn’t smell anymore.  THAT, is how POWERFUL our brains are!  I expected to smell the coffee aromas at Starbucks, the fresh spring smells at the baseball field, and the savory scent of dinner on the stovetop … so I did!  One of the events that eventually nudged me to ask the doctor about my smell, and realize the singular nerve carrying my nose’s info to my brain had been severed, was holding my little nephew as he filled his diaper … and not being able to detect a thing.

I share this because in many ways the quality of our thoughts shapes the quality of our lives.  To be blissed or bummed is here for our choosing!  We’re like supers, who can choose to be either superheroes or super-villains, and our superpower is our mind. In the same way that our bodies thrive when we eat nourishing food, regularly workout, and rest well, our beings flourish when we read/watch/listen to loving people, practice forms of contemplation and meditation that are easy and natural for us, and use mantras and such to cultivate a positive and kind thought life.

We’re always telling a story in our heads, so today I invite us to practice making it more enlivening, encouraging, and enjoyable toward and about ourselves, others, the Spirit between us, and the world!  Heaven is truly blooming all around and within us NOW … we need “only” train our brains to see it … which might take awhile, but is totally doable one thought at a time!


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Grace and peace,