One of the hardest, most healing, and helpful lessons I’m learning in life is to trust and love my body. The truth is: Our bodies are brilliant. Your body is brilliant. My body is brilliant. Our bodies not only know what’s best for them, they harbor intelligence our brains lack that will bless our lives! As much as I’ve bought into mantras like “mind over matter”, “power through it”, “it’s all mental”, and such, I’m coming to realize (with rare exceptions) those are fake news! Trusting them has not only resulted in and/or prolonged injury, illness, and stress, but has also led me down unwise paths in life.

Sometimes our pets are SO much wiser than us. When our dog, Biscuits, is hurt or ailing, she honors her bodily IQ by sheltering in a safe place, spasming, howling, or whatever the situation requires. She’s teaching me to listen better to my body, and go easier when it asks (instead of pushing through like I used to). As a lifelong Christ lover, I can’t help but laugh at myself for missing this for so long: If the Divine became human, the Word became flesh, as I believe occurred, how could our physical being be anything but good? Know what I mean?

I’m in a yoga teacher training where we’re learning about somatics, tuning into our body’s messages and sensations to hear its intelligence. One of the things my friend and teacher, Eoin Finn, talks about in it is “embrainment” versus “embodiment”. In other words, shifting from the normal paradigm of mind over matter, and the brain as boss/dictator (“embrainment”), to mind with matter, and listening to the “mind” within matter (“embodiment”).What I’ve found experientially, time-and-again, and yoga teaches philosophically is: When we marry our brains with our bodies in a harmonious, cooperative, and integrated way, the doors to the spiritual world swing wide open and bless us with wisdom, peace, wholeness, and love beyond words. Our bodies are brilliant. Hearing and honoring them blesses both our physicality, and our journey in life!

Love & Hugs,


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