It seems to me in the U.S. we’re obsessed with our heads. I say this because not only do we HIGHLY value “looking” good, we’re ALL about being rational, logical, and, above all, RIGHT. After all, most of us carry “smart” phones, not heart phones … right? Think about it, what do political parties and religions in our country generally ask us to do? Believe the “correct” things, and by believe they mean mentally and verbally affirming the specific truths they hold to. It’s all about what’s between our ears. Now, don’t get me wrong, rational thought and what we believe are important and do make a difference … I’m just pointing out there’s MORE to the story. There’s more to YOU and I than the brain in our heads.
Speaking of brains, scientists and doctors name our heart a brain, because our heart communicates with the rest of our bodies AND holds memories, just like the grey matter between our ears. What is more, your heart works with your head to process certain emotions, like love and compassion. Finally, our hearts literally impact others. They have an electromagnetic field that projects out to 7 feet BEYOND our physical bodies, affecting the people around us. What we think and feel (positive or negative) shapes this energy we project. My point is science shows our good vibrations will literally cheer, hearten, and encourage those near us. This means your Light and Love matters. Your and my good vibrations, joy, and positivity brighten others regardless of if we say anything.
Today, then, I invite us to think more with our hearts, letting compassion, Light, and Love guide us.

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Grace and peace,