I had big plans for this year!  Exciting things that have been brewing for a while, like getting my book about my accident and the life-giving centrality of Love when it comes to life, relationships, and God published, as well as becoming a life coach.  6 months in, though, I’ve made like 1% progress on these endeavors.  Does that mean this year’s been a failure?  Heck no!

Author and activist Shane Claiborne references a quote I think speaks volumes on this topic: “Everybody wants a revolution, but nobody wants to do the dishes.”  While getting promoted, published, awarded, certified, and other big deal things are great, the mundane is what matters most.  Why?  Because most of life is full of ordinary moments, practices, and experiences, which means how we engage the normal and what we do amidst regular life is what shapes us and forms others the most.

I haven’t moved the needle on my dreams for this year because with my wife Lisa working lots of OT, our purchase of a new home, and coordinating numerous repairs for and the sale of our Tucson rental home, doing literal and figurative “dishes” has taken my time … and I’m truly happy to do it!

You see, the ancient Israelites had an awesome word for the real revolution that’s already changing the world and invites us to join: “hesed”.  Hesed means loving-kindness.  It’s little, everyday acts of care and compassion.  It’s friendly looks and hugs.  It’s vulnerability and encouragement.  It’s smiling and high-fiving.  It’s mingled tears and quick massages.  It’s holding the door and doing the dishes.  Hesed, and the Loving-Kindness Revolution invites us to infuse the ordinary with Love, making it extraordinary.  Who wants to join the revolution with me?


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Grace and peace,