Do you ever have a thought or impulse that’s inappropriate, uncomfortable, or “bad”?  I know I do!  The other day, one thought bubble led to another, and before I knew it, I was shocked and dismayed by the notion my mind had centered on.  Before my inner shame police got too far into reading me the riot act of what a terrible person I am, though, I employed a practice I learned from an author named SARK, and my inner darkness changed into lightness.

We’re all truly in the middle of messy lives, our emotions influence us more than we might realize, and when we don’t fully process our emotional energies, it’s easy to think and/or act in ways that don’t reflect our True, AMAZING Selves.  SARK’s 3 step Inner Feelings Care system invites us to (1) FULLY feel what you’re feeling, (2) Name, accept, and love what’s arisen in you, and (3) Receive the gift of lightness that comes from clearing your inner landscape.  This process will leave room for you to feel more lit UP by Love!

Much like people, our feelings just want our love and attention, so when we intentionally see, name, and affirm our anger, fear, sadness, insecurity, loneliness, or whatever’s arisen inside us, we’ll find it can soften, change shape, and move on in a healthy manner.  Today, I invite us to love our messy emotions and thoughts, because by honoring and processing these energies, we create more space to be lit UP from the inside out!


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Grace and peace,