I think a key part of being happy is remembering and returning to the bass notes of life; the simple and powerful things this is all about.  Connection, care, and celebration, for instance are bass notes, while things like control, competition, and criticism are treble.  Now, don’t get me wrong, treble is good and has its time and place, it’s just not the point and rhythm of life like bass is.  When we focus on the bass notes life rocks, while centering on the treble leads to stress and discord.  For example, over the weekend, because I try and do too much, we were a tad late for the beginning of a wine festival, so had to stand in a big line and wait.  Wanting to control the situation I began dwelling on the time wasted and wine missed, which gave me a worried and troubled mind.  Meanwhile, Lisa connected and celebrated with a light heart and smiling face.  With her encouragement and inspiration, I returned to the bass notes and had a great time.

It seems Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” isn’t just catchy and easy to dance to, it’s a valuable life lesson.  Being skinny is treble, feeling good in your uniquely beautiful body is bass.  Being correct is nice, but matters little compared to the rhythm of connection.  While getting “ahead” and proving yourself is fine, sharing is where the groove is at.  So, today I invite us to practice remembering, returning to, and re-centering ourselves on the bass notes of life.


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Grace and peace,