Connection can be scary.  And while being vulnerable with others is hard, perhaps even more terrifying is to deeply connect to ourselves, because it involves becoming close friends with our beauty AND bruises, our  light AND dark.  Your glory and your troubles can be equally  daunting to face.  YET, hard as it is, it’s so, So, SO essential for a thriving and whole life.

On the topic, Meghan Currie, one of my yoga teachers, says “fear is the teacher” and shares: “I used to experience my anxieties as a disability, as an obstacle.  But now after over 15 years living with them, my perception has changed.  Now I do not see my anxieties as something in my way but as THE way.  And instead of trying to change them I work WITH them.”  Our mentalities, inner workings, and stories are much like the parts of an engine, she says and I agree.  Think about a really great, experienced auto mechanic.  The mechanic knows and loves ALL the bits and pieces of an engine.  When there’s a problem, they don’t ignore, hate, shake, or throw out the engine.  Quite the contrary, they lovingly take it apart to get to the root of the problem, asking each part questions and getting to know the stories of each piece.  When they fix the engine there is GREAT joy, both from it running well and the delight of understanding it intimately.

We’re the same.  The more we kindly and curiously take ourselves apart, diving into every nook and cranny of our being, the more loving and full of life we become.  Two of my struggles are feeling loved and perfectionism.  When I stopped ignoring and wishing these away, and engaged them with curiosity and kindness, I started growing free from their burdens, while seeing their beauty.  My parents divorcing and going thru two of my own resulted in insecurities that inner care is healing.  With all this in mind, today I invite us to dive deep into ourselves to transform in the most incredible ways; and remember: You can do hard things and life is a team sport.


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