A question from Rob Bell has been changing my outlook on things and life in the most incredible of ways, so I wanted to share it with you: “How’s that working for you?”  Bring to mind and thoughtfully consider things like what you believe, how you act, the way you view yourself, the friends you keep, the mentality and outlook on life and the world you cultivate and ask yourself: How is this working for me?  What I mean is do these stances and/or actions bring harmony or discord, love or fear, joy or anger, and so on … or perhaps, like much in life, it’s somewhere in the middle.  Then, like seriously ponder and evaluate how that way of being is working for you.

For instance, I struggle with being judgmental.  It’s easy for me to close off close-minded people, shun anyone who excludes others, think less of people who aren’t living with loving and joy-filled hearts, and so on.  THIS, does NOT work for me though.  So, day by day, for a good while now, I’ve been choosing to change my thinking.  This leads me to New Years Resolutions.  While they can be super helpful, what if we also evaluated our lives regularly and made New Day’s Resolutions?  What if we made small and frequent steps and changes to increase bliss, peace, wholeness, and love?  Wouldn’t that be incredible?

With that in mind, today I invite us to seriously ask ourselves, “how’s that working for me?”  Ponder a thinking pattern, a belief, a way of seeing the world and considering life, who you invest your time in, your routines, how you see yourself, how you view others, and/or something else.  I encourage us to make tweaks toward greater life, calm, joy, and kindness.  I’m not suggesting anything huge, but instead something small and sustainable, as little changes yield big results over time.  Intending more bliss and love daily makes a world of difference.


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Grace and peace,