Aren’t snow days glorious?  Not only is there something magical about the white powdery stuff, but when it snows enough to cancel work, school, and other plans, I believe we enter a special and sacred space.  I’d never made the connection until my wife Lisa pointed it out to me, but snow days joyfully halt our doings and help us enjoy the bliss of being.  It’s as if the Cosmos interrupted our regular scheduled lives with an announcement to celebrate!

Imagine our daily plans, cares, and worries were all written on a giant whiteboard.  When a snow day comes our boards are wiped clean, giving us a blank slate to play, snuggle, connect, and enjoy the gift of being alive without agenda or expectation.  I don’t think I’m alone in saying snow days have an especially fond place in my memories, and I have a hunch it’s because we’re freed from agendas and doings to just enjoy what is.

With this in mind I have a crazy cool idea, let’s practice approaching a moment, an hour, or perhaps even more of our day as a snow day.  Let’s clear our expectations and plans to enjoy the bliss of being with ourselves and others as we are.


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