“NOTHING can dim the light that shines from within.”  This reminder from Maya Angelou has the power to change our lives, communities, and the world.  A common Truth mystics share based on their Divine encounters is we are innately good, each of us is a conduit of Love, and EVERY person has an inner-light shining SO bright it’s ridiculous.  While this is a free gift from heaven given us at birth, NO doing required, what we make of it is completely up to us.  When we let this light shine AND see it in others, our worlds become joyous and filled with love.  The question is: How do we do that?

I think yoga’s Niyamas, or inner-dispositions (which I’m guiding a workshop on) are a game-changer in this regard.  For instance, Santosha, meaning contentment, is the practice of choosing gratitude in ALL situations and seeing the beauty that’s ALWAYS here.  Each breath is a gift, smiles are magic, hugs are medicine, and a tree is a miracle in this mentality.  As we move from this space of joy, we can exercise Svadhyaya, the study of one’s self, to spot the ways it’d be good for us to transform.  Then, we employ Tapas, the fire that both enlivens us and fuels our personal growth.  As we hold ourselves up to this Light, over time the fire of Love burns away our insecurities, fears, hurts, and worries to uncover and reconnect us to our inner light.

When I went through my first divorce, friends and family brought me back to bliss, shifting me from despair to contentment, which enabled me to see the selfishness in me that was dimming my light from a good space.  So, I held it up to the Light and began the work of partnering with Love to transform it.  With all this mind, today I invite us to tap into, shine, and see our inner light and that of others; choosing bliss, honestly evaluating ourselves, and growing in, with, and through Love.


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