I am a FANATIC Seahawks fan, who hoots and hollers at the TV as if the players, coaches, and refs can actually hear me.  What is more, I’m also a life enthusiast, meaning I want ALL the goodness NOW!  With those in mind, a few weeks ago we had a couple of friends over to watch the Hawks game with us.  During halftime we got into a lovely conversation, wherein Lisa, Danny, Kirstin, and I started to unpack our hearts and reveal some tender aspects of our stories and selves to one another.  As Danny and Kirstin asked me a deep question about my life changing should have died experience, I noticed the second half was about to start.

My strong impulse in the moment was to pause the conversation so we could watch the game real-time.  BUT, I’ve been getting a loud and clear message from the Divine lately, “Slow down to better savor life’s sweetness”.  So, with an inner grimace I paused the game and dove into the connection.  It was a sacred time that transformed my angst to bliss.  Slowing down to truly BE with our selves and/or see and hear others well brings SO much sweetness it blows my mind.

It occurs to me that life is like food.  When we go quickly we experience fast food.  And while that’s okay, it pales in comparison to gourmet meals.  Like a sumptuous spread, a glorious life takes time.  Mindfully slowing down and savoring moments super sizes life’s sweetness.  So, today let’s practice being less hurried and more present in our efforts and relationships.


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Grace and peace,