That solar eclipse was a pretty crazy and awe inspiring thing, don’t you think? The crossing of two celestial orbs brought dips in temperature, stillness in nature, and a sense of wonder to many people. Do you want to know a secret though? I’m convinced “eclipses” are present for you and I ALL the time. We simply have to choose to see them.
Have you heard the story of Moses and the burning bush? Thousands of years ago he was tending sheep in the wilderness when he noticed a bush burning WITHOUT being burned up. Intrigued, Moses approached it and had an encounter with God. The awe of experiencing something BIGGER than and BEYOND himself had remarkable affects. It led him to greater kindness, care, and love for others. And you know what? It does the same for ALL of us. You see, apparently there’s a “God spot” in our brains, and when we activate this place it results in increased joy, connection, peace, kindness, and love.
My point here isn’t to convince you there is or is not a Divine being. Instead, I’m saying when we connect to something BIGGER than and BEYOND ourselves life gets more amazing. Truly, an awe-filled life is a more blissful life. And there’s opportunities to choose awe EVERYWHERE. Every taste, touch, and word of love is Divine. The sights and sounds of nature are wonder-filled. Laughter is magical. Food and drink is heavenly. Each breath is a gift. So, today I invite you to see the “solar eclipses” around us ALL the time, because as Richard Rohr says: Your life isn’t about YOU, you are about LIFE.

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Grace and peace,