There is SO MUCH to learn in life.  There are ENDLESS ways we get to grow, change, and become more peaceful, joyful, and loving.  Along these lines, did you know the Jewish conception of the soul, “nephesh”, is NOT something preexistent or static “but emergent–forming in and through physicality and relational experience.”  As journalist and author Krista Tippett goes on to note: “This suggests that we need our bodies to claim our souls. … our bodies are access points to mystery. … Life is fluid, evanescent, evolving in every cell, in every breath.  NEVER PERFECT.  To be alive is by definition messy, always leaning toward disorder and surprise.”

What she’s getting at is the beauty of life and you and I, is it’s a crazy adventure, it’s a never-ending journey, we’re always becoming, each of us is constantly changing physically, relationally, and spiritually.  Naturally, then, our souls reflect this reality and are both imperishable and fluid.  Relatedly, an author I can’t recall says spiritual growth and development is like falling from a plane without a parachute, the key, enlightenment if you will, is to realize there is NO GROUND to hit.

My wife and I joke about how whenever the iPhone GPS gets us to a destination Siri declares, “YOU’VE ARRIVED.”  “Yes!” we laugh, “we’ve arrived, we’re enlightened!”  With all this in mind, to borrow from and expand on Krista, I think central to bliss, enlightenment, wisdom, and love is “how we open or close to the reality that we never arrive,” which means every moment is a new arrival.  So, today I invite each of us to rejoice that life and becoming is messy, imperfect, surprising, and a never-ending adventure.  Reveling in this truth transforms every breath into a party, each move into a dance, “imperfections” into perfection, every second into a arrival, the old you into the new you, and earth into heaven.


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