Years ago someone shared with me how she’d been sexually abused in her childhood.  In my naivety, I remember being saddened for her, while also thinking as an adult she must have moved on and healed from that “distant” trauma.  To make a long story short, I later found out I was SUPER wrong.  Experiencing second hand the long-lasting damage this WAY too common hurt does opened my eyes to how ignorant I’d been, so I dove into studying how to become an ally to survivors.  One small step at a time, my heart was expanded, words shifted, and thinking changed.

A friend of mine wrote in her blog that “every part of us vibrates.”  Suzanne’s point is each of our cells, thoughts, memories, and so on has a rhythm, which combine to make up the total vibration of who we are.  Likewise, plants, animals, cars, music, tv shows, and everything else around us have vibrations.  When good vibes come together, they create harmony and joy, while bad ones bring disfunction and dis-ease.  I shared my story because my journey from low vibrations and unintentionally deepening my friend’s wounds, to a higher rhythm of being safe and more loving didn’t happen all at once, but one small shift in thoughts, words, and deeds at a time.

With this in mind, today I invite us to raise our vibrations.  Breath by breath, word by word, thought by thought, and action by action, lets move toward greater understanding and compassion, increased connection, expanded kindness, and greater love.


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Grace and peace,