Mindfulness practices, like yoga, are medicine.  Preventative and restorative, life-giving medicine for our FULL selves: Body, mind, and spirit.  We journey inward to work through out schtuff, and as we listen to, soothe, and cleanse our hurts, sorrows, fears, and the like, we discover a precious jewel at the center of our being.  Maybe it’s our soul and/or the Divine and/or our True self and/or something else.  In getting at this mystery, Rumi says: “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”

While we all have different words to describe what we hear and experience when our minds get quiet, it seems to me for many it’s regularly a sense of peace and love.  Calm fills our minds, joy saturates our hearts, and kindness inhabits our tissues.  We’re then able to take that inner gift and share it with others.  I think the KEY to experiencing this medicine, this gift, is breath.  The more we breathe mindfully, deeply, and fully, the more CALM, CLEAR, and CARING we get.

With this in mind, today I invite you to practice quieting your mind to hear MORE.  As you journey inward, it’s quite possible you’ll encounter some dark bits.  I encourage you not to avoid them, but go through them.  Explore them with curiosity and kindness.  Let each inhale draw in healing love and each exhale release, free, and clear layer after layer of issues.  Keep going, remembering it’s a journey and that all you’ll find at the center is yummy, delicious peace and love.


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Grace and peace,