I’ve been working on getting into handstand for over three years now.  I’m still not there, but I’m getting closer and closer.  Are there poses or character traits or habits or routines you really want to do or be … but aren’t yet?  Often in both yoga and life we beat ourselves up when we can’t do or be X, Y, or Z.  Or is that just me?  With that in mind, drink in these words from Daniel Dowling: “Praise the effort, not the outcome.”

Praise the EFFORT, NOT the outcome.  The reason why that’s key is because transformation takes time.  Sometimes it’s days or weeks.  Often, like with me and handstands, it’s years.  So, it’s vital for us to praise effort over outcome, because the goal doesn’t come until later and in the meantime we need the positive reinforcement praise brings to continue our journeys.  Take yoga for instance, did you know you’re a HUGE success just for showing up on your mat?  True story, you’re a success just for being here.  If you take one mindful breath, your practice is fantastic.  Likewise, consider love.  Every single small act of kindness and care you perform is cause for CELEBRATION.  It’s one more step toward realizing your most true and innermost self: Love.  YOU ARE LOVE.

With that in mind, today I invite you to praise the effort, not the outcome, for both yourself AND others.  Give mental and physical high fives and words of encouragement for all energy spent toward health, wholeness, and love.