Sometimes I wish I could still drive, I wasn’t balding, my eyes weren’t crooked, simple balancing poses like lunges weren’t a struggle for me, my quest to be a pastor and speak life-giving and love-filled messages to people every Sunday had worked out, I’d had more kids, and so on.  When I “live” in these places I suffer, my mind races, anxiety rises, fears escalate, body tenses, and words become harsh.  The thing is: Life rarely goes how we want or plan, and the more we avoid, ignore, or oppose this reality, the unhappier we become.

Thankfully I don’t spend much time in these dark places because I’ve been gifted with the practice of Embracing life as it IS, instead of fretting over what isn’t how I WANTED it.  This mentality encourages us to enjoy each moment of what IS, rather than focusing on what WAS or MAY be.  Our culture teaches us to always long for more and never be happy with what we have or how we are, because that’s what runs consumeristic economies.  Discontent and a feeling of lack sell more than wholeness and happiness ever will.

Today I have a radical invitation for us.  Let’s practice declaring what we have is enough, how we are is amazing, and loving life as it is!


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Grace and peace,